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We love getting feedback from users. Here are some of the comments we have received:

"I exported my data from EC Accounting to EC Tax. I get my Form B in no time. Now my Form B looks so professional. I could not believe it."

Y.H.L., Kuala Lumpur

"I used to manually fill in my Form BE. Now with EC Tax, I don't have to worry about making mistake and use liquid paper to correct it. I can also fill in my Form BE in a shorter time as my particulars can be used again the following years. I don't have to type in the my particulars again."

W.J.P., Kuala Lumpur

"Previously I fill in my Form P without any working paper. Now, my Form P comes with working papers. I have less worry now."

L.N., Kuala Lumpur

"It's so easy to export the profit & loss accounts and the balance sheet from EC Accounting to EC Tax. It saves me a lot of time. Thanks."

Q.L.J., Kuala Lumpur

"Now I can analyse allowable and non-allowable expenses in EC Accounting and export to EC Tax. It's so convenient."

P.J.C., Selangor

"I can do the lampiran A1 in EC Accounting. This feature is really of great help."

P.H.M., Kuala Lumpur

"With EC Accounting, I can compute the capital allowances, balancing allowance and balancing charge. I can also export the reports to Excel. This is what I have been looking for."

F.K., Kuala Lumpur

"I just click a button and EC Accounting calculates the plant & machinery allowances for me. This is great!"

R.K., Kuala Lumpur

"I can print out the schedule of assets under hire purchase in EC Accounting. I can also print out the report on qualifying expenditure of assets under hire purchase. I heve been looking for years for a software that has these features. This is the most affordable."

H.G., Kuala Lumpur

"I use EC Accounting to Work out the deferred tax. It's so easy."

Y.L., Kuala Lumpur

"I use EC Accounting to do my billing. I find it very simple."

F.H., Kuala Lumpur

"EC Accounting has an invoice format very suitable for my accounting firm. Now, I use it to bill my clients."

L.G., Kuala Lumpur

"EC Accounting can print Lampiran A and CJP No. 1. It's very suitable for my use."

Y.T.L., Kuala Lumpur

"I was looking for an affordable software to keep my stock. I tried EC Inventory and I love it. It's so simple."

C.N.G., Kuala Lumpur

"I have been using EC Clients' Accounts for years. So far I am very happy with the software."

H.J.F., Kuala Lumpur

"I use EC payroll to keep my employees' leave records. I find it very useful."

Y.E.W., Selangor

"I print my company's employee pass using EC Payroll. Customization is so easy. I recommended EC Payroll to some of my friends."

L.D., Kuala Lumpur

"I am in the copier rental business. For some copiers, my staff will take monthly copier meter readings. With the readings, I use EC Accounting to calculate the amount to charge my clients. Thanks to EC Accounting, I can now bill my clients using this software. I don't need to get another expensive software."

T.L.N., Kuala Lumpur

"I now can keep track of the cost incurred such as travelling, photostating and time spent for each client using EC Accounting. I can now justify to my clients all my billings."

G.K.F., Kuala Lumpur

"I am in car repair service. I use EC Accounting to bill my clients. It's so versatile."

L.D., Kuala Lumpur

"Without EC Accounting I would be truly lost. Very user friendly - thank you."

D.S.W., Kuala Lumpur

"So close to what we're after it's almost as though we wrote it ourselves."

Jimmy, Kuala Lumpur

"Thanks for creating a superb little accounting package!"

Jimmy, Penang

"I couldn't have found a better application to manage my business accounts - THANKS.

A.T., Perak

"EC Accounting is simple, effective and does the job I need - I am really impressed with it. If I can use it and work it out to some degree then anybody can."

P.T., Perak

"This is doing exactly what I need. It's easy to enter data and nowhere near as time consuming as other applications I have tried."

H.U., Perak

"EC Payroll is incredibly easy to use and it does exactly, EXACTLY what I want it to do without complications. Thank you!

K.L.J., JoHor

"EC Accounting seems to be a perfect accounting package for my needs. It could be the best-kept secret in accounting software!

L.P.H., JoHor

"I've just started my own company and without this software I would be truly lost. It's easy to use and very user friendly - thank you.

M.J.G., JoHor

"I absolutely love this software as it is perfect for small businesses - not too heavy or cumbersome."

T.K.M., Pahang

"EC Software stands head and shoulders above the competition - I'd be completely lost without it"

Y.J.G., Kelantan

"EC Accounting is a simple accounting software package designed for self-employed individuals and small businesses. If you need to keep better track of your finances, try EC Accounting today."

D.E.B., Kedah

"Quality and Price that Competitors Can Not Match"

G.F.S., Perlis

"EC Accounting saves me money! I can balance everything within minutes!

F.H.T., Sabah

"I LOVE YOU EC ACCOUNTING! You guys are awesome and doing a great job! Happy to see that you guys seriously consider feature requests and care about your customers!

H.J.G., Sarawak

"I just want to commend you for a job well done. It worked very smoothly! Thanks!

Y.J.M., Trengganu

"The ease of use and functionality is outstanding, and more importantly, the cost is so much lower than its competitors. This allows more funds for organizations like our us to go to those in our community that really need it. All clubs should look at EC Accounting as a tool that can be utilized. On behalf of the our Club, Thanks!

K.J.H., Selangor

"EC Accounting has done a phenomenal job at providing an accounting software that is functional, efficient, user-friendly, and beautiful! Not too often do you come across a system that has all of those features, but this one does. I honestly cannot say enough about it."

W.S.N., Selangor

"Not only is this the simplest accounting software I have used so far but your customer service is wonderful! I will be referring you to everyone I know!

H.G.N., Selangor

"Top quality software without top quality prices.

"You've created a wonderful product that's perfect for me and my husband's small business. Easy to use and *fast*. Especially useful for someone without formal bookkeeping experience. Good job!"

H.F.D., Selangor

"I am very impressed with the product. I'm looking forward to continued use of the product and the enhancements that are in the pipeline.

U.G.F., Selangor

"Congratulations! I have been searching for a well designed accounting software and you have delivered!"

H.F.D., Kuala Lumpur

"I've recommended your software to several small businesses here in Penang. You have a good product, well priced and great customer support. Keep up the good work."

G.P.B., Penang

"You guys have done a really good job with the program. It's very intuitive and runs very smoothly."

H.G.G., Kuala Lumpur

"WOW! Absolute wow! I was instantly able to start using this application! Best of all, as I learn more about accounting, I know that EC will grow WITH me, rather than use a 'simplified' or dumbed-down accounting "package" which would have left my year-end accountant pulling his/her hair out!"

J.G.S., Selangor

"I have been avoiding doing my accounts for the whole 5 years I've been in business for myself. EC Accounting has taken all the fear out of it. In fact, I am even enjoying getting it done. The customer support has also been amazing. Thanks EC Accounting!"

G.S.A., Kuala Lumpur

"Wow -- Blown Away! Didn't expect EC Accounting to be so good. Great job guys!"

L.S.W., Panang

"I found the system very easy to use. This is amazing considering I can barely balance my cheque book. It all makes sense!!!"

K.H.J., Kuala Lumpur

"This is an outstanding product. If you can balance your personal cheque book you can totally manage your business finances in about the same amount of time. Well done!"

K.H.D., Kuala Lumpur

"EC Accounting is easy to use and designed with the user in mind. All of the important functions a small business owner would need are readily accessible and key information is clearly presented."

Y.J.M., Selangor

company news

EC Accounting

GST Approved (GST Approval No. KE.HF(121)426/05-239)

We are pleased to announce that you can now compute IBA and Plant & Machinery Allowances and post to EC Tax.


EC Payroll

PCB calculator in excel for format is now available.


EC Tax

Form C for YA 2015 is now available. Please check LHDNM website for use of this form.


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