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* Multiple Companies. * Start using immediately. No need months of training in institute or learning centre. * Proven and widely accepted Windows-based Tax Program. * Easy to learn. After you have tried the quick start on your own, you will know how to create and print ohter forms. * Simple procedure to Modify or Delete any transaction. * Backup and Restore to Pen Drive with data compression option. * Backup and Restore to Hard disk. * All reports and printouts fully conform to local conventions. * Automatic fill in "Document Date" and "Event Date" in covering letter * Automatic change of company detail (eg. company number and company name) when copying document * Automatic update "Part O" (Particulars of Directors) and "Part P" (Particulars of Shareholders) of Borang C * Automatic update HK-O and HK-P (working sheet of Borang C)

Reports Generated By EC Secretarial

Form 6 Form 11 Form 13A Form 24 Form 25 Form 28 Form 32A Form 34 Form 44 Form 48A Form 48E Form 48F Form 49 Form 52 Annual Return Promoter Director Manager Secretary Auditor Tax Agent Mortgages Shareholder Authorized Capital Annual General Meeting Listing Register Of Members Register Of Transfer Share Certificate Circular Resolution" Board Of Directors Meeting Members' Resolution Annual General Meeting (Resolution, Agenda, Attendance, Minutes) Extraordinary General Meeting Form Of Proxy Memorandum And Articles Of Association Letters And Documents (eg. Appointment Of Directors) Letter Of Resignation (eg. Director, Manager, etc) Letter Of Removal Of Director Letter Of Removal Of Manager, Secretary, Auditor And Tax Agent Notice To Shareholder For Removal Of Director Share Application Form Covering Letter For Name Search Covering Letter For Incorporation General Covering Letter Notes on Annual General Meeting Dateline for Filing Government Fee Business Code Renewal Of Company Secretary's Licence


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EC Accounting

GST Approved (GST Approval No. KE.HF(121)426/05-239)

We are pleased to announce that you can now compute IBA and Plant & Machinery Allowances and post to EC Tax.


EC Payroll

PCB calculator in excel for format is now available.


EC Tax

Form C for YA 2015 is now available. Please check LHDNM website for use of this form.


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