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EC Software supports all your office operations and business processes. While other software solutions provide only one or a few pieces of vital workflows, EC Software is a comprehensive business software suite that includes:

EC Accounting

With EC Accounting, you get comprehensive tools that allow you to control all your financial data and processes, including general ledger/accounts receivable/accounts payable, invoicing, multi-currency transactions and reporting, time cost, copier rental and financial reporting. It enables you to calculate the deferred tax, schedule of assets under hire purchase and qualifying expenditure of assets under hire purchase. It is the only accounting software that directly fills in your statutory forms such as Borang B, Borang BE, Borang P, Borang C, CJP 1, Lampiran A, Lampiran A1, HK-1.2.3 and HK-1.2.4. Reports can be exported to Excel, Words, PDF and other formats. Other accounting softwares can also be imported into EC Accounting.

EC Payroll

EC Payroll offers a simple and efficient solution for personnel and payroll management. It conforms to statutory requirements. Daily leave reord and time managemnet are incorporated. Reports can be exported to Excel, Words, PDF and other formats. Other payroll softwares can also be imported into EC Payroll. Payroll data can be exported to EC Accounting and EC Tax.

EC Inventory

EC Inventory offers an instant update of your inventory record. It has a comprehensive set of reports such as stock card and transaction summary. You can have different levels of security for data access.

EC Clients' Accounts

This account enables you to hold your clients' individual funds in separate accounts. It is suitable for legal firms. It has a billing system that can update the clirnts' accounts. It conforms to statutory requirements.

EC Tax

Specifically designed for the demanding and needs of organisations, EC Tax delivers all the key capabilities you need to integrate every step of the organisation into one seamless workflow from accounting to tax forms filling. It saves you the hassle of keying in your tax particulars from your accounting data. It can import data form EC Accounting, EC Payroll and EC Secretarial. No more manually filling in forms such as Borang B, Boarng BE, Borang P, Borang C, Borang R and working sheets. Please check IRB website for use of these forms.

EC Secretarial

With EC Secretarial, you can manage your forms easily. By clicking the type of business, the M&A with complete detail is automatically created. It has a comprehensive set of statutory forms. Thus getting your annual returns is just a click away.


company news

EC Accounting

GST Approved (GST Approval No. KE.HF(121)426/05-239)

We are pleased to announce that you can now compute IBA and Plant & Machinery Allowances and post to EC Tax.


EC Payroll

PCB calculator in excel format is now available.


EC Tax

Form C for YA 2015 is now available. You can export directly the financial information from EC Accounting to EC Tax.