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* Multiple Companies. * Easy to enter GST * Start using immediately. No need months of training in institute or learning centre. * Proven and widely accepted Windows-based Accounting Program. * Easy to learn. After you have tried the quick start for Sales on your own, you will know how to do Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal, Payment and Receipt. * No "posting' - all accounts and reports are automatically updated as you enter transactions. * Simple procedure to Modify or Delete any transaction even after posting. * Locking facility prevents the account clerk from modifying and deleting certain transactions. Only authorised people have access to unlocking. * Provides the same transaction entry screen for AR, AP and GL. * Omitted entries for the previous months can be entered easily. * Able to enter Post-Dated Cheques in advance and printed as remarks in Statement of Account. * Allows automatic numbering of Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Voucher, Official Receipt and Cheque Number. * Simple Invoicing steps. * Simple Cash Sales steps. * Data corruption diagnostic facility. * Backup and Restore to Pen Drive with data compression option. * Backup and Restore to Hard disk. * You can raise invoices and print them on plain or pre-printed form. * You can do point-of-sales invoicing - for retail cash environment. * You can match payments against invoices, and invoices against receipts. * No need to do Month-End procedures . * No need to wrestle with the debits and credits of double-entry accounting. EC Accounting handles all the double-entry recording behind the scenes. * Able to assign transactions to job or department codes. * All reports and printouts fully conform to local conventions. * Maximum number of accounting entries is only limited to disk space available. * Migration from other programs * Able to print reports for many years ago. * Able to notify whether a reference number is repeated. * Able to notify whether a cheque number is repeated. * Able to export graphs to EXCEL. * Automatic generate Account Number. * Browse all transactions for an account number * Browse all invoices for a particular customer * Browse all official receipts for a particular customer * Browse all payments to a particular creditor * Able to print barcode * Able to process invoicing and cash sales using barcode * Able to export reports to EXCEL format * Able to export reports to TEXT format * Able to print finance costs after profit/(loss) from operations * Able to display Profit & Loss Account as presented in Borang B/C * Able to display Balance Sheet as presented in Borang B/C * Able to display Industrial Building Allowances as in IRB Working Sheet * Able to display Plant And Machinery Allowances as in IRB Working Sheet * Able to display Appendix A1 as in IRB Working Sheet * Able to print invoice for copier rental business * Able to print invoice for accounting firm, legal firm, motor vehicle service business * Able to print 12-Month graph comparing sales against purchases/ expenses/profit before tax/profit after tax * Able to print expenses in account number order and alphabetical order

Reports Generated By EC Accounting

* General Ledger Listing with option to separate documents into Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal, Payment and Receipt, and print cheque number * Trial Balance * All Account Balances * Trading and Profit & Loss Account * Balance Sheet * Manufacturing Account * Trading and P & L Account for Individual Project * Cash Flow Statement * Debtors/Creditors Labels * Report on Gain/Loss on Disposal of Fixed Assets * Bank Reconciliation * Journal Listing * Debtors and Creditors Listing * Debtors and Creditors Balances * Debtors Statement * Accounts Group Reports * 12 Months Debtors and Creditors Aging * 12 Months Detail Invoice Aging * 12 Months Sales Report * Top 50 Customers * Outstanding Invoices * Payment Voucher * Official Receipt * Debit Note * Credit Note * Journal Voucher * Invoice * Cash Bill * Delivery Order * Quotation * Budget and Variance Reports * Gain/Loss on Exchange Report * Foreign Currency Statement * Overdue Advice * Budget Profit and Loss Account * Receipts and Payments Accounts * List for Receipts * List for Payments * Credit Limits Reports * Balance Sheet with Cost, Depreciation and Net Book Value * Consolidated Accounts * 12 Months Accounts Analysis * Audit Trail * Graph * Cash/Bank Balance * Check Transactions * Remittance Advice * Check Number Of Transactions For A Particular Cheque Number * Capital Allowances * Balancing Charge * Balancing Allowances * Tax Computation * Lampiran A1 * Hire Purchase * Leasing * Transaction Summary * Transaction Voucher * Warning letter * 12-Month Trading and Profit & Loss Account * 12-Month Manufacturing Account * GST incurred, payment and outstanding * Lampiran A, CJP No.1


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EC Accounting

GST Approved (GST Approval No. KE.HF(121)426/05-239)

We are pleased to announce that you can now compute IBA and Plant & Machinery Allowances and post to EC Tax.


EC Payroll

PCB calculator in excel for format is now available.


EC Tax

Form C for YA 2015 is now available. Please check LHDNM website for use of this form.


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